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Halloween Events by City and County in Idaho

No matter where in ID you are, there are plenty of Halloween fun for you, your friends, and family to enjoy. Whether you’re close to the city, or located in a more rural area, there are plenty of haunted attractions in every region of ID. Wherever you’re located, there’s bound to be some festive fun for you to enjoy this season - make sure to use IdahoHauntedHouses.com city guide to find the most exciting attractions near you this fall!

  • Lost Souls Attractions

    Located in Shelley
    Next open 9/27/19

    The Theatre of the Lost Souls:
    The Virginia Theatre was built 100 years ago by a fan of picture films. It’s modern equipment and elaborate scale seemed out of place in a small town like Shelley, but it never seemed out of place to the community. Many people remember seeing older movies there with friends and working there. But the theatre still has a long and mysterious history, and has gone... Read More

  • The Haunted Swamp

    Located in Twin Falls
    Next open 9/21/19

    1 Mile walk through outdoor Terrain over rivers, bridges, through trees. Ghosts, Goblins, Zombies and more await your arrival and try to scare you out of their swamp. Some of the most amazing props! Very fun for the whole family! 60-75 actors! you will not get bored! Read More

  • Planet Doom Haunted House

    Located in Idaho Falls
    Next open 9/20/19

    Planet Doom Haunted House is eastern Idaho's largest and most terrifying haunted attraction - featuring "state of the art" pneumatic and animatronic props, projection effects, lighting and scenic design. Come see why we were voted "Best International Haunt' in 2017. We scare for D.A.R.E.!



    OVER 20,0... Read More

  • Requiem Haunted House

    Located in Caldwell
    Next open 9/20/19

    Requiem is the newest and largest 13,000 sq ft indoor haunted attraction in the treasure valley. Experience a multi-level and intense story telling experience. Requiem has everything from a circus freak show to the insane. Or maybe one of our own ghosts will follow you home. Come and experience fear in our 100 year old building. Requiem is a partner with "Don't Be A Monster" an anti bullying ... Read More

  • Haunted Mansion of Albion

    Located in Albion
    (208) 654-1050
    Next open 10/4/19

    Haunted Mansions of Albion is the largest indoor/outdoor haunted production in the Northwest. This is as real as it gets...genuine, historic, terrifying and entertaining! Bring your friends and brave your way through multiple 100+ year old buildings once known as the Albion State Normal School, an abandoned college campus that now feeds on your fear! Try to navigate through the School of Chao... Read More

Halloween Attractions By County

Halloween Attractions By City