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Idanha Hotel - Boise ID Haunted Place

  • 928 W. Main St.
  • Boise, ID
  • (208) 433-9701
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Located in Downtown Boise, this hotel was built in 1900 and was used to house travelers that were getting off of the strain stub line from Nampa. It now is modern apartments and was renovated, which is when construction workers reported some strange activity. Gunned down at the hotel, a bellman's ghost has been said to move the elevator up and down. Some have also spotted his ghost peering around corners in the building. Other eerie reports here include lights turning on and off by themselves, moaning sounds coming from certain levels of the building and a misty grey apparition has been spotted as well. A woman who was murdered and buried in the hotel's basement is also known to linger herer in spirit, mostly in the lower levels of the building. There is also an aggressive entity who is said to haunt the third and fourth floors, known to pull guests out of their beds.
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  • Haunted Donut Shop

    So I worked at the Donut shop in this building called Guru Donuts. (Donut shop is in main level) I knew this building was going to be haunted just based on how old it is but I didn’t do any research about it. After a shift, I was leaving through the lobby where there is an elevator and the doors on the elevator literally started shaking. I didn’t think much of it at the time because it’s an old building and I didn’t get any bad vibes from this experience. A few weeks later I was in the kitchen with the kitchen door closed. (because outside of the kitchen is where the elevator and lobby is) I’m minding my own business and look over at the door and it’s wide open… I didn’t think anything of it at the time and go and shut it. A few minutes later the door is pushed opened and then it closes. This is when I started getting scared. After my shift I decided to do research on this building. I found out a bellman was shot in killed a long time ago in this building (and also that things will just move by themselves. Let’s just say that this experience was so traumatizing that I no longer work there!

    Posted 8/6/21

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  • 6th floor in 2009

    I lived in a studio apartment on the 6th floor next to the fire escape around 2009. There was regular knocking on the front door, with no one there. When I was alone, the atmosphere was pretty chill, I'm female, but the second a male would come in it changed completely. The heavy bathroom door didn't close without serious effort, and never closed fully, but when a male was there, it would slam itself shut. I briefly moved my cat in. He would stand in the closet and meow at something for hours and then go crazy and attack me. There were multiple times that I would wake up to someone coming into my apartment, but then there was no one. I frequently got followed to and from the elevator by loud footsteps. Twice that happened when I had friends present. It was pretty creepy and I ended up just storing my clothes there and showing up to shower every few days and couch surfing because I was too scared to be there alone.

    Posted 6/15/21

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  • Haunting on the 4th floor

    I lived in an apartment on the 4th floor in 2002. I had an old cell phone in a bag unpacked in the bedroom, I had just moved in so I had not yet unpacked. The cell phone had a dead battery and had not been used nor charged in quite sometime. One night around 2:00 a.m. the cell phone began to ring, I went to go get it out if the bag and it was still dead. A couple nights later I had some VHS tapes stacked on the floor by the T.V and around the same time, 2:00 A..M the VHS tapes went flying across the living room as if someone smacked them very hard. Needless to say I never finished unpacking and moved out right away..

    Posted 2/6/21

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  • My sister lived on the 3rd floor

    We would hear scratching along the wall of her bedroom which was adjacent to the hallway, with footsteps and then louder scratching and tapping on the front door. At the time she lived there my older brother had a new puppy that we would watch in her apartment, and he refused to walk by the elevator and certain apartment doors, he had to be picked up and carried. I used a Ouija board with her in there & I'll never play with one again.

    Posted 7/16/20

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