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Take a Creepy Peek Inside Boise's Old Idaho State Penitentiary

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Boise's Old Idaho State Penitentiary now operates as a museum and functioned as a prison from 1872 to 1973. Located in the Old Penitentiary Historic District, the grounds are ran by the Idaho State Historical Society. 

According to the Penitentiary's website, programs and events are often held at the location, for visitors, families and school groups who are interested in gaining knowledge of the old prison. A visit to the Penitentiary takes guests through 100 years of history, through cell blocks, solitary confinement, the Gallows and more. 

Only 11 executions took place in the state of Idaho, 10 of them carried out in the Old Idaho State Penitentiary. Although these photos above show a well-kept outdoor area, the prisoners who resided here lived in brutal conditions. Below, a photo of The Gallows, where the executions by hanging took place. 

According to The Travel Channel, the Old Idaho State Penitentiary didn't have proper plumbing until the 1920's. Take a creepy look inside the shower area below:

An inside look at where some prisoners worked operating machinery that cleaned their clothes:

A peek inside the Cell Blocks, which showed the grueling conditions that prisoners lived in each day:

The outdoor area where prisoners could enjoy some sunshine and basketball:

Marked Men: Prison Tattoos as Art and Expression

The Museum filled with history, including weaponry that was used once upon a time:

The Women's Ward, a completely separate building on the grounds of the Penitentiary:

Photo Credit: Chelsea Triola



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